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Quality Healthcare for everyone

(Incluso si no tienes seguro)

Roman Family Practice strives to make primary care accessible to everyone, with or without medical insurance.  Our INDEPENDENT  medical clinic practice is run by a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), who cuts through the red-tape and provides economical medical care without the high-cost and hassle.

What can you expect at 

Roman Family Practice?

At Roman Family Practice, patients are treated as individuals.  Here patients can finally break free from the broken cookie-cutter healthcare system.  Our patients are not herded through doctor visits like cattle, instead they leave our clinic feeling satisfied and informed.  FNP Roman ensures all patients fully understand their diagnosis and treatment plan.


 Our patients benefit from healthcare solutions that are tailored to their individual lifestyles.  FNP Roman offers her patients treatment plans that are integrative and holistic, which could include both conventional and natural solutions.  

Our Mission

To provide high-quality primary care service that is tailored to each individual's health goals. We will strive to assist each patient in living the highest quality of life possible by detecting and managing illnesses and by helping our patients prevent illnesses.

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